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Current Life Overview

Recorded Tarot Reading

  • 1 h
  • 90 US dollars
  • Recording

Service Description

This is a rich, nuanced, in-depth reading, looking holistically at who and where you are in the current moment. This is a great reading for moments of extreme transition, crises, deep healing, or awakening; when you want a reading, but don’t know what to ask; or as an introduction to holistic tarot. Takes a look at questioner’s recent journey in life. Reading may include lessons being learned; significant astrological, karmic, past life, generational, conditioned, or trauma-based influences at play; May include guidance specific to methods and modalities for healing and/or cultivating self-love. Reading typically includes the primary archetypal energies questioner is currently embodying; challenging and supportive energies available; and guidance and potential outcome. Spirit really leads the way with this reading, and clarification is intuitively based on what surfaces. Two separate links provided: one for the prep, one for the reading. Averages 40-75 minutes combined.

Cancellation Policy

​Refunds/Cancellations Cancellations (or reschedules) made by a client less than 24 hours prior to appointment, or clients absent or more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment will be considered a no-show, and no refund will be offered. Cancellations (or reschedules) made by clients prior to 24 hours before appointment may receive a full refund. True Face Tarot reserves the right to refuse or cancel any/all appointments with a full refund.  Moral Disclaimer Holistic tarot is not fortune telling. While it can reveal potential outcomes, free will exists. In addition, the themes that can arise in a reading may be triggering. The messages will not always resonate with everyone, nor will they always be an enjoyable experience to hear. The only assurances True Face Tarot can make is to provide an honest, authentic delivery of the messages received, as filtered through the reader's lense. You are a sovereign being, with the free will to use discernment and judgment when deciding what resonates and what does not. You are solely responsible for the guidance you accept, and the decisions you make; for the way you manage your ego, tend to your trauma, and handle your triggers. It is your responsibility to evaluate your readiness for or resistance to a reading before and throughout the entirety of the message, and to manage your mental health in a way that appropriately and compassionately meets your needs. ​ Legal Disclaimer All readings provided by True Face Tarot are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended as a replacement for professional counsel - legal, medical, therapeutic, or otherwise. Decks, art, music and literature used may contain sexual and/or violent content. Viewer discretion is advised, and True Face Tarot readings are not appropriate for those under 18 years of age. ​ ​

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